View Full Version : no trail or case against musharraf (CJP)

31-Jul-2009, 08:36 PM


at last he CJP understood how powerful SIR MUSHARRAF [musharaf] is now what would be the reaction of PML(N) league & the guunda lawyers

31-Jul-2009, 08:50 PM
This CJ (Corrupt Judge) after getting his job back is busy in strengthening his chair. He is indirectly now blaming the current government for not taking actions. My question to CJ is, that if he did not have the balls to open old cases then why did he mislead people and gave them false hope that every thing will be alright and judiciary will be supreme, if he gets his job back.
CJ was and is trying to interfere with executives and parliament and his actions will have very damaging consequences. He may be doing this, because he is getting heavily paid by Ganju [nawaz] to destablise this government, as Ganju is already preparing for the next election.
These Ghunda lawyers are the new Mafia in this country and they will pursue the job of our corrupt politicians.

31-Jul-2009, 09:11 PM
CJ ... another filthy fish of this pond - called pakistani sisasat ... I always doubted his integrity - glad he didn't take much time to prove it :P
I just pray my Pakistani nation gets someone sincere... sorry just a wishful thinking!