View Full Version : Capital Talk – 7th May 2009 - with NAZIR NAJI :P

08-May-2009, 02:25 AM
Nazeer Naji Analyst, Maria Sultan Dir. SASSI, Rauf Klasra Analyst and Dr. Farrukh Saleem Analyst in Special episode of Capital Talk and discusses with Hamid Mir.

08-May-2009, 03:05 AM
The lady has so much make up..she looks like a bhoot :P

08-May-2009, 10:57 AM
I think many Pakistani who are not directly effected by the civil war, do not yet realize how grave and horrifying situation is developing and where it will lead us in future?

When collectively masses from South to North and East to West will own and feel that this is a matter of our beloved country’s very survival then we INSHAALLAH will see the light in the end of tunnel.
No government, decisively and boldly can act against internal or external enemy’s threat until nation is fully aware of the situation and then give its blessing to go ahead to strike at the very heart of the symptom which is causing pain and harm to all.

I also detect some capitulations of brother and sister of the entire northern belt who have given some space to these elements under the disguise of so called new champions of Islam to flourish, if they would have foreseen the danger and stood steadfastly to confront them, then Taliban would have very little manoeuvrability.
All Pakistanis must support our armed forces to flush out Stone Age, foreign paid agents. Please do not leave your beloved army alone to fend against this brutal forces.

Where these most expensive arms, ammunition, money is coming form for Talibans? Who are providers and sustainers??
Lets not bury our head in the sand any more and start the full campaign to save Pakistan.
No doubt
We have missed many opportunities, to place our country in a much better stage then what is now but despite all that we have managed to develop lots as well.
What we had at the time if independence? We can make the lost time but if we lost the country God forbid then all dream will shatter like broken glass.