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  1. China: ATM Dispenses Blocks Of Gold
  2. US Terror organisation NATO, War on Terror is a sick conspiracy & fake unjust propaganda Vedio ?
  3. After Kashmir, Now, 2,500 Unidentified Graves in Jammu
  4. Imam Anwar Al Awalki: A Great Scholar reportedly martyred by American Drones in Yemen!
  5. INDIA tested AGNI II
  6. Pakistan Accelerated Talks with Friendly Countries to Counter American Pressure
  7. Official ceremony of Mike Mullen's retirement started. (Breaking News)
  8. کہاں ہے آج کا محمد بن قاسم ...؟؟
  9. A Student from Austria sends a legal notice to Facebook and recieves his data on 1200 Pages. EU laws make it possible!!!!
  10. KSA maid abuse continues: Sri Lankan housemaids in Saudi Arabia appeal for help
  11. What Libya Has Achieved,What Has Been Achieved !
  12. Indian Army declared Terrorists by Canada
  13. Online Privacy - Does not exist
  14. Why is there the Decline in Pakistani Currency?
  15. Yvonne Ridley - In the Hands of Taliban - Slap on the Liberal Fascist
  16. US-Pakistani Gimmicks
  17. Gujarat IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt who took on Narendra Modi arrested
  18. "I have very bad feelings about the United States, " Mr Masri said. CIA kidnapped wrong guy and tortured for months!!!!
  19. HAQQANI SYNDROME attacked NATO: Nato says captures senior Haqqani commander in Afghanistan
  20. Bara Mehnga NUSKHA hai? Obama’s third quarter re- election campaign likely to rake in over 55 million dollars
  21. Human Rights Logo Officially selected, will it make a difference?
  22. Afghanistan the Graveyard of Empires. Is USA & NATO the next ? Full program, many Vedios ???
  23. US-India relationship among the world's most important: the Congressional Research Service CRS
  24. India Makes a Permanent Home in Hispanic World.
  25. Almost Forgotten: The World's Most Dangerous Conflict
  26. Libya conflict may cost UK £1.75bn
  27. Who owns America? Hint: It's not China
  28. Scrifices of Pakistan Army in War on terror & USA Blame Game for safe exit !!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Run on French Banks looming: PIMCO CHIEF
  30. J.F.K Speech Revealing the Role of Secret Socities -Worth Watching
  31. Revolution is Happening in the USA
  33. Israel vs. Israel
  34. Afghanistan The CIA’s Largest Base of Operations Anywhere in the World
  35. Article of the day: Meet the new US army chief - Speaks fluent Arabic - Gives a message to Pakistan
  36. The new most dangerous place on earth: the United States
  37. UK seeks end to Human Rights Act?
  38. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warns Israel getting increasingly isolated
  39. Pakistanis alone did not create Haqqanis: US
  40. Abaya made compulsory for Pakistani women Pilgrims
  41. Iran hangs seven drug traffickers, one rapist
  42. China, Pakistan vs USA and the India - Webster G. Tarpley
  43. Launching the Missile That Made History: THE STINGERS
  44. End of EMPIRE IS NEIGH
  45. America-pak relation straight glide, will it affect the security environment ..?
  46. NATO is worse than the Nazis - Allain Jules
  47. The Resemblance Between Qadianiat and Bahaiyat
  48. Are We Anti India America Or Israil Listen What Zaid Hamid Says VEDIOS !!!
  49. Turks protest NATO radar in Malatya
  50. Hindu Muslim Riots in Utterkhand INDIA
  51. BBC:Haqqani says US wants him to join Afghan gov't
  52. Gay sex on rise in South India
  53. Karzai to brief Manmohan on new Taliban strategy
  55. Libya war updates : Must listen to this VIDEO
  57. Saudi cleric favours one-eye veil
  59. Militant Jewish Extremist burnt a mosque, including copies of the Holy Quran near bethlehem Israel!!!!!!!!
  60. Libya invaded by NATO and the Gold Dinar connection,Humanitarian Bombardment of Libya, Videos !!!
  61. Raymond Davis charge upgraded to second-degree assault, a felony.
  62. Nearly 2 in 3 Americans want troops in Afghanistan decreased. CBS News
  63. Military Pressure on Pakistan is Being Increased Through India on Behalf of Aamreeka
  64. Indian PM accepts invitation to visit Pakistan, says Fahim
  65. Who invited Russian into Afganistan.... ?
  66. Afghan President Karzai begins key visit to India
  67. Anwar-al-Awlaki is/was CIA's agent
  68. Indian actress costumes worth Rs 1.2 cr, Rich bollywood and poor India. ?
  69. Tension of USA Grows as Pakistan and China Strengthen Ties over a common enemy the United States
  70. Afghanistan, India sign strategic partnership deal
  71. American Foreign Policy that Ron Paul wants to change. Watch as you Listen
  72. China's great leap towards superpower status with space station test launch
  73. وال اسٹریٹ پر قبضے کی تحریک
  74. Sikh Youth for Khalistan
  75. Russia, China veto U.N. resolution condemning Syria
  76. US army will leave Afghanistan by 2014 - Leon Panetta
  77. British PM proposes 'taxes on obesity'
  78. Syria Shall Fire Missiles at Tel Aviv’ ‘If NATO Attacks: President Assad Warn Satan State Israel
  79. Karzai reassures ‘twin brother’ Pakistan - حامد کرزئی کی قلابازی
  80. Russia and China VETO UN RESOLUTION ON SYRIA
  81. بھارت غربت سے تنگ خاندان کی خودکشی
  82. Saudi Arabia Vows ‘Iron Fist’ After Attack in Oil Province...
  83. Six held over plot to kill Karzai: Kabul
  85. Critical Analysis: A World of Drones
  86. Zaid Hamid: O' Sacred Land be our witness ! Hameed Gul is still a Nightmare for US. Videos !!!
  87. Moroccan tackling Arab Spring and terror
  88. All indian requested to see this.please get awareness. Video !
  89. 7 Indian Camps in Afghanistan for Terrorism in Pakistan
  90. Pakistani Born Soldier NEW VIDEO !!!
  91. Afghans hold anti-U.S. rally on eve of war anniversary
  92. History of Iran. US, Europe and Israeli Intelligence Role to Rule Iran.
  93. Google Earth LEAKS:ISIS Reports Further Construction Progress of Possible New Military Uranium Enrichment Facility in India
  94. NATO bombs hit hospital in Libya's Sirte
  95. Putin wants Eurasian Union to compete with EU and US
  96. Ex-Commander General McChrystal Says US started Afghan war lacking info about the country
  97. Indian Forces Want Chaos in Sindh, Still Commited to Operation BrassTacks
  98. World Facing Worst FINANCIAL CRISIS in history: Governor BANK OF ENGLAND
  99. A Disturbing Picture from Iraq
  100. Taliban attack 4 US outposts in Afghanistan simultaneously
  101. Obama: We are ending Afghanistan war responsibly
  102. Computer virus attacked the cockpits of America’s Drones
  103. UK Army chief: public tired of Afghan war
  104. Battle for Sirte: Libyan Rebels or NATO Rebels leading the FIGHT?
  105. Hundreds of Protesters Make Camp Near White House
  106. افغانستان پرامریکی جارحیت کے 10 برسی کی منا
  107. We Can't Go Home Again
  108. Braving the China Seas:It's called the "South China Sea" and China wants everyone to recognize it that way
  109. 34 Muslim drivers suspended by US company for taking long Prayer Breaks.
  110. Media War Against Pakistan to be Accelerated - Sponsored by Afghanistan and Aamreeka
  111. Troops Martyr 1 Youth in Indian Occupied Kashmir
  112. US Justice Department Official: Muslim ‘Juries’ Threaten ‘Our Values’
  113. German General Says NATO Mission Has ‘Failed’
  114. 'Steve Jobs and the iPhone may be the American dream, but Afghanistan is American reality.'
  115. Cruel Rituals Expose Indian Secularism
  116. Saudi Arabia behead eight Bangladeshis ..... Whole sale killing in the name of ......
  117. YEMEN: President says he plans to step down...
  118. Indian Hindu Man BEHEADS his WIFE becuase she refused to get her daughter vaccinated.
  119. India Preparing for Conventional War with Pakistan
  120. FBI Chief about Anti Islam Training
  121. U.S. soldiers accused of raping teenage girls in South Korea
  122. Sleeping With the Devil.....Al-Saud menace
  123. Imagine If Chinese Troops are in Texas - Must Watch!!
  124. Congratulations IAF: In 20 Years 500 CRASH
  125. Assange, Jemima Khan lead Afghanistan protest in London
  127. Zionist dragon heading towards KSA (KSA sends more troops)
  128. The extent of damage to US Society caused by their Wars
  129. 25 killed as Egyptians clash with army in Cairo
  130. No way in US system to vote against banks
  131. Iranian actress awarded jail term, 90 lashes
  132. UN exposes torture in Afghan custody
  133. Spanish lawmaker to sue FBI over bin Laden images
  134. What Happens When Everyone Else Starts Using Drones?
  135. "The FBI have disrupted a plot by elements of Iran's government to kill the Saudi ambassador to U.S. on American soil" - CNN
  136. Report: Israel, Hamas reach Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal
  137. 98 FTSE companies use tax havens
  138. Thank You Rachel Corrie
  139. PM Manmohan Singh expresses concern over nuclear safety in neighbourhood
  140. US base attacked in Afghanistan
  141. US willing to explore peace deal with Haqqani network: Clinton
  142. Genocidal Hindu Zionist How to deal with Pakistan? See the Real Face of Indians
  143. Ahmadinejad May Visit Islamabad Next Week to Focus on Expanding ties in Defence, Energy and Economy
  144. Amnesty calls on Canada to arrest Bush
  145. Protest spread to 75 cities in America
  146. FBI use Spanish lawmaker’s face for Osama duplicate
  147. Iram Abbasi Suing SW Airlines For taken Off The Flight !
  148. A Senior Lawyer Prashant Bhushan beaten 'for Kashmir opinion' (MUST WATCH)
  149. President of The Islamic Republic of Iran
  150. Imagine - Chinese Troops in TEXAS - Must see short video.
  151. Chinese troops in Pakistani Kashmir a concern, says AK Antony
  152. India launches maiden weather satellite mission
  153. Israel and India: Brothers In Occupation of Kashmir-A Long but Thought Provoking Article by: Jonathan Azaziah
  154. If ISRAEL takes over LONDON - Short thought provoking film (7 minutes total)
  155. US, India, Israel have common targets in Asian region: Experts
  156. An Addiction to WAR, an Obsession with Power is Crippling America By michael payne Read
  157. Norway killer says 80 Christian militant cells in Europe: police
  158. Eggs thrown at IMF representative in Turkey
  160. Saudi-backed religious tolerance center opens
  161. More than One Million Syrians Rally in Support of Assad
  162. If Saudia Arabia & Iran get into a War, who would you support???
  163. Top 10 economies of the world
  164. Internet, a bicycle and an Indo-Pak love story: must read
  165. UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox Resigns.
  166. Occupy Wall Street - Chris Hedges shuts down CBC Kevin O'Leary
  167. US budget deficit reaches USD1.3 trillion
  168. Short Film - Occupy Wall Street - I AM NOT MOVING
  169. FBI Account of "Terror Plot" Suggests Sting Operation
  170. Riots in Rome.
  171. We Want To Be Free ..As wall street protest spread 1000 cities all around the world
  172. Lion Of Afghanistan, Must Watch & Enjoy
  175. Afghaan Spirit to Fight till the Day of Judgement has Defeated Aamreekans
  176. Saudi takes Iran to UN over alleged plot
  177. French businessman ‘to pay all burqa (niqab) fines’.
  178. India introduces yet another Metro train in Bangalore
  179. An INTENSE moment of TRUTH with MAINSTREAM Media
  180. Sarah Palin Resume?
  181. Sheraton Hotel Toronto cancels IERA Islamic Conference Due to the pressure by the Jewish Defence League
  182. UK held secret briefing for India on missiles in Libyan war - Ab bus yeh din dekhna baki thay
  183. India deploys offensive tactical Brahmos missiles against Pakistan, China
  184. War In Afghanistan ! An Eye Opening Video.
  185. Very Interesting Video About Palestanians !
  186. China warns India over pact with Vietnam
  187. Saudi king hospitalized for back surgery
  189. OWS freeze frame: 'The US could end up like Egypt or Libya'
  190. 100,000 to Die at the London Olympics ......... alarming research based video
  191. 206 NATO Troops poisoned in Afghanistan
  192. Richard Friedman - Do you know this Gentleman?
  193. At an Occupy event in the United States of America
  194. Put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK
  195. Jammu gears up to celebrate Accession Day
  196. Narender Modi will be in Jail for Gujrat 2002 riots
  197. "60 Minutes Interview Shows Futility of Afghanistan War" - This made me happy and brought tears to my eyes as well
  198. A protester outside the Wall Street asks "Lets bank the Muslim way?"
  199. Canada's First & Most Popular Muslim Mayor
  200. US debt explained
  201. US deports record number of immigrants last year, 400,000
  202. Africa is invaded again by the Colonists. Explained in simple terms
  203. Swiss Banks
  205. A Great Judgement from India Supreme Court about "Sarkari Hajj"
  206. why the Palestinians have no right to the Promised Land. George Galloway
  208. Turkey: Coming Back From Secularism Read This!
  209. USA: A Future's Failed State InshaAllah
  210. Indian Army’s plan to buy fighter aircraft, monitored by Pakistan
  211. New Malicious Program by Creators of Stuxnet Is Suspected (NEW YORK TIME)
  212. Turkey launches assault against CIA Proxy Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq
  213. Gerald Celente About the False Flag Operation and a Move Toward World War-III
  214. Beg, borrow or steal: IAF chief's advice to defence scientists
  216. US drone attack kills 46 in Somalia
  217. Saudi Arabia arrests YouTube activists
  218. Punjabi is 4th most spoken language in Canada
  219. Moammar Gadhafi captured, reported killed
  220. Alert : Gaddaf is Alive-This Lie Was Announced Today, To Break the Second Day of the Uprising Friday, October 21, 2011
  221. qaddafi was killed as he refused to be part of zionist new world order.
  222. 'Gaddafi dead' story stinks? 'Skepticism over NATO & NTC reports'
  223. Muslim Scholars Issue Fatwa Declaring No Conflict Between Islamic Law And U.S. Constitution
  224. Israel to attack iran in two weeks: Infowar
  225. Adam werritty's israel and iran connections
  226. ‎"age of oppression has ended" arab news( saudi arabia) front page
  227. World Economy Collapse explained in 3 minutes
  228. "Occupy Vancouver" to "Occupy Bush". Protests in Surrey (Canada) to greet former US presidents Bush
  229. First reaction of Hillary Clinton when she sees Qaddafi news on BlackBerry
  230. Bollywood Famous personality Amitab bachchan get Australian Doctorate
  231. US will pull out its forces from Iraq by the end of 2011 - Barak Obama
  232. Henry Kissinger a war criminal ; Documentary : The Trials of Henry Kissinger
  233. Iraq war comes to an end, Barack Obama announces troop withdrawal
  234. Rape reports on rise in US military
  235. Saudi Crown Prince Sultan dies
  236. Qaddafi's son final moments - they captured him, shot him, gave a cigarette & let him bleed to death
  238. America Eats the Humble Pie in the Face of the Pakistan Army’s Resolute Stance
  239. Obama: "Now, the nation we need to build is our own"
  241. Russia warns US about attacking Iran, Russian Army Chief claimed US Army Chief told him possibility of attacking Iran
  242. Proof: Libyan invasion was planned 10 years ago - Must See Video!
  243. Pakistani Lawmaker Condemns Clinton’s Remarks on Iran
  244. David Icke on OCCUPY MOVEMENT AND NWO
  245. Iran Links US-funded Terrorists to Saudi-DEA Bomb Plot
  246. Powerful quake hits eastern Turkey
  247. Libya Another American Puppet State ???
  248. Bharti: French Muslical makes American debut in Toronto
  249. یہ امریکی گدھا ہے - This is an American donkey :)
  250. India's silent war - Documentary by Al Jazeera