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  1. 101 excuses of Pervaiz Rashid for not giving resignation!
  2. Kon Kehta hay Hamari Quom So rahi hay.............
  3. "My struggle has paid off through PTI's successful Jalsa"-Altaf (Does MQM want alliance with PTI?)
  4. "PTI Lahore Jalsa was attended by borrowed people" - Dr. Rehman Malik
  5. Kamran Khan Report - Allama Iqbal Family and Imran Khan
  6. Is this the most unreasonable, idiotic, stupid & Jahil human being alive??
  7. Kamran Khan Report - MQM Leader Behind One Billion Fraud (Qurbani Animal Scandal).
  8. Lal Masjid Molvi Aziz - A criminal or hero
  9. 1979 Local Government System Restoration Notification Issued in Sindh (Breaking News)
  10. Bashira + MQM + Farooq Sattar + Mustafa Kamal + Telephone Khitab ;).
  11. Abul Kalam Azaad ... his predicitons are coming true
  12. What is a big sin? Kids without marriage or corruption.
  13. Slap to the BBC Documentary - Watch the whole program and tell me can any one defend Pakistan better
  14. Dr Humayun Mohmand On Ary News (9,November,2011) : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
  15. Cricketers can't act naive : Imran Khan
  16. Imran khan - the tipping point
  17. Pakistan's Nuclear weapons secured....?
  18. No more defense oriented policies in Pakistan - Imran Khan
  19. Should imran khan emphasize on bringing "clean winnning candidates". a very thought provoking analysis
  20. Sir Zaid Hamid on Iqbal Day - FM DIL 102
  21. Dr. Aafia's Eid in USA jail
  22. Inclusion of old faces in Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf- Analysis by Mujeeb ur Rahman Shami
  23. Pakistan's double game - it is all non-sense : Pervaiz Musharaf
  24. Nawaz Sharif keeps changing his stance on Zardari - Enemy to best friend & then enemy! Kamran Khan Reports
  25. The most people singing a national anthem was achieved by I Own Pakistan (Pakistan) - Guinness World Records
  26. A Movie - Pandora - Democracy is the.. - Featuring Rehman Malik & Zardari (Bringing back the Looted Money!) - Must See!
  27. Jasmine Manzoor Very Angry & Emotional with Grave Yard Criminal.
  28. Ex-IB Chief. Mr.Masood Sharif Khan Khattak joins PTI
  29. find the difference in these speeches of 3 leaders
  30. "Sab Propaganda Hai" - Rana Sanaullah (Must See).
  31. COAS General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani address Kassa Hills Marble Project Balochistan (21-2-2011)
  32. Na Atta Na Chini Napani !!! Abi tou main Hukamran hoon
  33. Remembering the old days of IK
  34. London police confirms 2 arrested in Imran Farooq’s murder case-Rehman Malik proved Liar once more
  35. Video: Shaheed soldiers also celebrating Eid?
  36. Azizi & Junaid Saleem aren't too happy with Imran Khan getting tried & tested Politicians in his party
  37. Pakistan not allowing Scotland Yard to Come to Pakistan to Investigate 12 May Killings.- Imran Khan
  38. Army & ISI Will Be Kept Under Check: Imran Khan
  39. Imran Khan & AhamdiNejad.( comparison of two personalities..not two religions and belief)
  40. Clash Between PML-N & MQM Leader at the wedding of Javed Hashmi's daughter.
  41. "IMRAN KHAN declared Bani Galla Property at right price and honestly" - Ansar Abbasi
  42. I am a Pakistani, I will not Leave Pakistan despite Threats- Afaq Ahmed (MQM Haqiqi) Talks to Media
  43. Ab tu Status Quo bhi bole Imran Khan ko HERO
  44. Apml nawab shah jalsa
  45. "I am the Only Politician People Trust in Pakistan" - Indian Tv (IBN) Interviews Imran
  46. PMLN Big Lie about Imran Khan 300 Kanal Land Exposed by Ansar Abbasi.....
  47. Imran Khan's Press Conference at Joining of Maood Sharif Khattak
  48. Raja Raiz PPP ney tu English ki Maat mar dei. hah
  49. People's Party Forward Block in Punjab
  50. Arundhati Roy calls for end to Indian 'occupation' of Kashmir
  51. imran khan my great leader plz plz es jaisy old faces PTI mai aney ki ejazat na day we want new young faces
  52. Coward Waseem Akhtar ran away, cant face MQM Haqiqi karnamay.
  53. "Half-widows" in Indian-administrated Kashmir! INDIAN State backed terrorism in occupied Kashmir!!!
  54. Terror will have no place in Pakistan if I'm PM: Imran Khan
  55. Q&A session with Mustafa Kamal
  56. Should US send troops into Pakistan? - GOP Presedential Candidates Debate
  57. "Majority of PTI candidates will be Youngsters" - Imran Khan - Dedicated to confused and Liars Propaganda..
  58. Even MQM workers want Altaf hussain to return to Pakistan
  59. PTI members use abusive language. Propaganda of MQM and PML-N. Let us see what language their leaders use
  60. In fact Nawaz and his family paid more tax then any other political person or political family........
  61. Operation Midnight Jackal, one of the worst political scandals
  62. I Can Sacrifice My Family For My Country- Imran Khan (1987)
  63. "Politicians are corrupt thats why ISI controls them" - Imran Khan [IK's Presser after CEC meeting]
  64. PM gets royal reception - Rose petals on driveway, meat of deer & partridge in lunch
  65. No Arrest in Imran Farooq Murder Case. Rehman Malik Talks to Media
  66. A must watch interview of Sher E Pakistan Admiral Javed Iqbal by PTI New York.
  67. Millions being daily spent on musical nights on the wedding of PM Gilani's son.
  68. Imran Khan Exclusive Interview with IBN - Part 2
  69. Wikileaks on Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan's American Connections (GEO TV)
  70. Imran Khan Telling us Nawaz Sharif n Zardaris True Face
  71. Hafiz Abad - An MPA beats up a junior clerk
  72. MD PIA says Thank PIA for Providing Better Hajj Service then Camels
  73. Reaction of Politicians on Shah Mehmood Qureshi's Resignation.
  74. Karachi - Firing on Police after Clash between Sunni Tehreek and Sipah-e-Sahaba
  75. Pakistan and India in Trade Talks
  76. "I'm flying to London with Proofs against MQM" - Zulfiqar Mirza
  77. Shah Mehmood Qureshi Up For Grabs
  78. Shah Mehmood Qureshi Political Career. Kal Se Aaj Tak
  79. Sheikh Rasheed Wishing to be Ally of Imran Khan's PTI.
  80. The Strategy of Takmeel-e-Pakistan and Wisdom of Madina-e-Sani
  81. "Imran Khan an Inqalabi Bakri" - Nusrat Javed
  82. 2 Presidents as viewed by their people
  83. Govt. breaks all records of taking internal and external loans
  84. Waseem Badami leaves Rana Sanaullah clueless - Has no proper answer of abusing other parties' heads.
  85. Thank you PTI for filing petition in SC to allow overseas Pakistani vote in next elections
  86. Abidi calls Shah Mehmood a Lota-Kashif embarrasses him by reminding that their PM is also one.
  87. How Much Do Punjab Know About Balochistan - BBC Urdu Report
  88. Ehtisaab by Junoon - Still so relevant (this song got them banned under Nawaz Sharif)
  89. PTI Imran Khan said no big political rallies in Pakistan except of MQM in last 4 Years
  90. I see Imran Khan hitting a six but he will be caught on the boundary: Zulfiqar Mirza.
  91. Whoever leaves the PPP is humiliated in the world and the hereafter: Firdous Ashiq Awan.
  92. Imran Khan on 4 Man show - funny one
  93. Imran Khan Message To His Online Supporters
  94. Who is ISI sponsored politician ? (Answer to Nawaz Sharif)
  95. Manzoor Wasan Getting Commando Training for Badmash Zulfiqar Mirza
  96. Truth About Voter Registration- Jaag utho
  97. Is Zardari Sensing Trouble? Meets Kayani, US Ambassador & asked Hussain Haqqani to be in Pak
  98. Hina Rabbani Khar calling PPP Minister Uncredible.
  99. Waqar Zaka for MNA, Election 2013
  100. New Political Party might be announced on 17th November 2011.
  101. Tehreek-e-Insaf gaining strength in Chakwal
  102. Najam Sethi and Muneeb Farooqui - Plz do not use your media power for brain washing
  103. FYI : Land Mafia Corruption in Karachi
  104. For Status quo : We (People of Pakistan)'r Here...... You Should Have Expected Us.
  105. Rise and Fall of Zia
  106. Imran Khan speech in Manchester (15 Oct-2011)
  107. Hassan Nawaz Shareef's Business worth WHOPPING US $1.2BILLION in London- Ch Nisar Answer has no answer for it
  108. Imran Khan once again validated PTI stance on MQM
  109. Altaf se Bara Don Koun hai? Student Question to Mustafa Kamal in a TV Show..
  110. Occupy Honolulu, Artists Performs 99% Song in Front of Obama & World Leaders at APEC Conf
  111. The Siachen Syndrome (brave Soldiers)
  112. Talking about candidates and leadership, let's examine those well known in the PML(N)alaiiq!!
  113. Dawood Ibrahim is held in high esteem in Pakistan: Musharraf
  114. JF-17 Thunder Impresses Dubai International Airshow 2011
  115. Government Machinery Active for PML-N jalsa in Faisalabad
  116. Karzai tells America to end night raids, We'll give you Permanent Bases in Afghanistan.
  117. Imran Khan Inflight Interview on his recent return from China
  118. Hajj Corruption: "Rao Shakeel Gifted a car worth 99 lac Rs. to PM's son" - Hamid Saeed Kazmi
  119. MQM, PPP & Zulfiqar Mirza London Yatra - Inside Story.
  120. Allegations against MQM are concocted and based on lies - Altaf Hussain
  121. Karachi Blast (Breaking News)
  122. Doctors running from Pakistan.
  123. Dost Khosa PMLN (Ex-CM) accepts he was married to Actress Sapna but now she is missing.
  124. London - Zulfiqar Mirza ki Taqrrer ke douran Hangama
  125. Alarming... after destroying PIA, Railways & Steel Mills Zardari is now destroying Pakistan Nuclear Program
  126. Breaking News : Pakistani Ambassador in US Husain Haqqani offers to resign: sources
  127. Sharjeel Memon will be sacked? Are We Going to See People's Party Forward Block in Sindh?
  128. Rana Sanaullah doing Full time 'Gali Galoch' against Imran Khan in a Jalsa (*Censored).
  129. "Soon Nawaz is going to ask Zardari, Mujhe Imran Khan k chungal se bachaoo" - Ch. Shujaat.
  130. Maleeha Lodhi (Former Pakistani Ambassador to US & UK) Arrived in Washington
  131. Zulfiqar Mirza Addressed House of Lords in London (Is Altaf in trouble?)
  132. PPP Minister says "Lahore belongs to PTI" (Must see!)
  133. True Patriotic PAkistani Javed Jabbar VS 50 Indians.
  134. Zaid Hamid: Iqbal Aur Aaj Ka Pakistan-Council of Pakistan Ideology
  135. I met Zulfiqar Mirza on Plane, It was my personal visit to London - Sharjeel Memon
  136. Kaptaan Theek Hou Tou Match Fix Nahi Hota- Imran Khan
  137. Altaf and Imran visioning Qadyaniat in Pakistan in the name of religious justice
  138. An Evening with Imran Khan & Prof.Ahmad Rafique Akhtar (2003-Jhelum)
  139. Imran Khan Speaks To Media 17 -Nov-2011
  140. Hassan Nisar on tried and tested people joining PTI.
  141. How hard M.Luqman working for Qadianiz ....???? Fitna or Information
  142. Difference between Imran khan and Nawaz Sharif
  143. Husain Haqqani Talks to Hamid Meer to Explain his Position on Memo Controversy.
  144. Baseless Internet Propaganda against Imran Khan on Kashmir Issue
  145. "Be'ghairat Rehman Malik can Disown his Wife for MQM" - Zulfiqar Mirza.
  146. Sharmeel Farooqi Spokesman for MQM??
  147. Sheikhupura & Nankana Sahib Former MNA & MPA Joins Tehreek-e-Insaf..
  148. Scotland Yard term "evidences" provided by Zulfiqar Mirza against MQM unrelated!
  149. Zulfiqar Mirza ki Oxford University me Taqreer ke douran MQM Supportes ki Hularbazi
  150. Thats why Imran Khan called Hussain Haqqani "American Ambassador"
  151. "Imran's Jalsa was real & there was no force behind it" - Aitzaz Ahsan
  152. Zulfiqar Mirza Talks about his Lectures at House of Lords & Oxford & Meeting with Scotland Yard
  153. Dr Zulfiqar Mirza in Oxford - Full Video
  154. The real story behind 3 hindu doctors killed in Sindh
  155. Zulfiqar Mirza misquoting verses of the Holy Quran
  156. Pakistan passes new bill to protect women's rights
  157. Nusrat Javed justifying Benazir's coward act.
  158. Suicide bomber who blew himself up, identified as Al-Qaeda commander in Karachi.
  159. Injustice has been done to Urdu speaking people - Imran Khan
  161. Zardari Wanted to Destroy ISI just like PIA & Railway. Kamran Khan Report on Memo Scandal
  162. Sharjeel Memon Resigned from Assmebly
  163. Big Fire in Raja Bazar Rawalpindi.
  164. Husain Haqqani Meets U.S. Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman before Returning Pakistan.
  165. Sana Bucha trying to involve Imran Khan in the MEMO !!!
  166. "My Mother In Law wants to Vote Imran Khan - Is she also working for establishment??" Rauf Klasra
  167. "We have Credible evidence that ISI is supporting PTI, Gen. Kayani should stop it" - Nawaz Sharif
  168. Our Real Problem-must listen
  169. Dirty Politics by Pakistani Politicians
  170. "Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari will make alliance against PTI in next election" - Rauf Klasra
  171. New pti insaf tarana
  172. Rehman Malik Confirms Husain Haqqani & Mansoor Ijaz Exchanged Messages on Blackberry
  173. Yeh Dosti Hum Na Chorain Gay - I will remain friends with Mirza for as long as I live: Sharjeel Memon
  174. Peer Mazhar: Mirza apnay kapray utar dain - Zulfiqar Mirza: Mazhar beve ki nokri wapis kaeain.
  175. Aaj Phir Zulfiqar Mirza ki University me Taqreer ke douran MQM Supportes ki Hularbazi
  176. Zulfiqar Mirza to use Taliban against MQM
  177. A Reply to PMLN Propaganda Against PTI. Must Watch
  178. Nawaz Sharif corruption BBCs Shocking Report
  179. Who is ISI sponsored politician Answer to Nawaz Sharif
  180. Faisal Raza Abidi - Truth About Cases Against PPP Leaders - Ary Show
  181. Nawaz Sharif Speech in Faisalabad Jalsa'
  182. IK & Estabalishment links Exposed in today Programme Lekin by Sana Bucha.Umar Cheema lost its words.
  183. The Truth is Out About PMLN Jalsa in Faisalabad Must Watch this
  184. Are Indian-Pakistani relations improving - CNN
  185. Is Imran and PTI supported by Establishment? REPLY
  186. Hameed Gul exposing Nawaz leauge and its politics
  187. "Memo Gate" - Mansoor Ijaz full interview & Husain Haqqani response
  188. Memogate - Watch Mansoor ijaz interview on NDTV Channel
  189. Desperation of poor man for Jalsa
  190. Jiss ke saath Allah ka saath ho usse kaun rauk sakta hai??? Must See
  191. Empty Chairs in PMLN jalsa while Nawaz Sharif was Adressing Jalsa
  192. Watch the Real Awami Jalsa. A true Leader , without Patwaris.
  193. Imran Khan on Munawar Hasan
  194. Only solution of peace in Asia - Zaid Hamid
  195. Difference between PTI and other leadership
  196. ‎"Zulfiqar Mirza should seek forgiveness from Allah, Altaf Hussain never talked about breaking Pakistan" - Pir Mazhar ul Haq
  197. Nawaz Sharif contacts Pir Pagara and meets Ijaz ul Haq for possible Alliance
  198. Nawaz Sharif Allegation On ARY NEWS......
  199. "75% of the times Faislabad Jalsa was targetted towards Imran Khan" - Kamran Khan
  200. Question to PMLN supporters - Please watch and answer with Yes/No
  201. Zulfiqar Mirza On Fire in East London...Khrian Khrian by Rashid Murad
  202. Express Front Line: MQM Mustafa Kamal in court of Students of Lahore - Part 3
  203. Nawaz Shairf Assets in 2007 just 1 Crore and few lacs
  204. Memo Scandal: We'll go in court against Mansoor Ijaz - Farahnaz Ispahani (Mrs. Hussain Haqqani)
  205. Special Promo-Khari Baat With Imran Khan - Ask Live Questions from Imran Khan
  206. Imran Khan New Theme Song Of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
  207. Supreme Court, Election Commission, ISI, Police & Many Many Government Departments Not Paying Electricity Bills.
  208. Musharraf gets upset on host for showing him Nawaz Shairf's remarks against him, asks her to stop this "nonsense".
  209. faisala ap ka........kia ap pir b vote do ge es ko......YES/NO...with reason
  210. Haroon rasheed vs mubashir luqman. Both are biggest supporters of ik
  211. Imran had a meeting with American ambassador give your comments should he do it(update: Imran denies it)
  212. General Musharraf Talks to Badami, I feel No Threat from Imran, My Rally can be 4 time bigger then Nawaz Shareef.
  213. Ayesha Ahad follows Hamza Shehbaz to the Dangal Ground but Hamza escapes!
  214. Shahbaz Sharif influencing and forcing Judge to buy Justice.
  215. Hypocritical & Contradictory Nature of Nawaz Sharif Exposed
  216. Zulfiqar Mirza's reception in London College of Business
  217. "Senate elections will be on time" Nawaz Sharif - Go Zardari Go campaigns Dies (Kamran Khan)
  218. Saif Al Islam Son of Moamar Gaddafi - Must Watch & Think !! Kal Tak
  219. Met Gen Pasha, Imran Khan on separate occasions: US Ambassador
  220. Dr Zulfiqar Mirza Joing PTI / Imran Khan ....... ???? After MQM demolishing campaign !!
  221. جب فضا میں قیمے والے نانوں کی خوشبو پھیل جا
  222. Breaking News: Hussain Haqqani Resigns as Pakistan Ambassador to US
  223. School students forced to attend PML-N rally in Gujranwala.
  224. Husain Haqqani - Islami Jamiat Talba Student Leader to Pakistan Ambassador in US
  225. US Ambassador says memo is Pakistan's internal matter
  226. Faisal Raza Abidi arrives in Karachi after a Long Exile in Islamabad because of MQM Threat.
  227. Its time for Zardari & MQM to go but Mirza will survive - Peer Pigara.
  228. Man speaks up against Zulfiqar Mirza @ London Press conference, gets beaten & kicked out.
  229. Is PTI Prepared? - ISF Punjab Pres reveals brilliant election planning
  230. Terrorists attack on D.I.Khan Police Station.
  231. How come Imran Khan told ppl about hussain haqqani on 30th Oct...Answer to Sana Bucha
  232. Imran Khan on Memo Slams Haqqani & zardari
  233. Unlike Geo Claims, Blackberry Communication Can’t be Altered
  234. "I am happy PMLN talked about assets in Faislabad, now watch what I do.." - Imran Khan(press conf)
  235. PML N in court for Memo Case
  236. Summary of Pakistani Politics (A Must see video for every Pakistani)
  237. What Options Shah Mehmood Qureshi Have? - Quick Analysis
  238. Ahsan Iqbal Bhai Sleeping on Stage - But says, he wasn't sleeping, he was checking emails!
  239. Imran Khan -- The 'Agent' Of Change for Pakistan
  240. Chif Justice to Babar Awan, Don't Beat Around the Bush "Wichli Gall Kehri Ay O Dasso".
  241. Street Crime on Rise in Karachi. After Target Killers & Terrorists now Robbers on Loose.
  242. UN election rules vs Pakistani election rules.... Eye opening facts
  243. PML-N Jalsa was 'Go Zardari Go' but turned against PTI - Imran Khan
  244. PTI New York President's Response to Javed Chaudhry's program Kal Tak on Nov 21st.
  245. I carry my own luggage: Imran khan :)
  246. Zulfiqar Mirza to meet British Prime Minister & MQM Letter to PM & CJ.
  247. PML N postpose thier Gujranwala jalsa because of lack of response from the public
  248. Top 15 Very Intereseting Questions Asked from Imran Khan in kharri bath.(Part 1of 2)
  249. Nawaz Sharif Qadam Barhao... a song compiled individually by PMLN's supporter. Rock IT
  250. "I told Imran Khan About Haqqani's Memo Case on 30th Jalsa" - Mohammad Malick